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How do I access commentary and which games can I listen to?

The easiest way to listen is via The live commentary article will also be available via the Video section of the site, and the home page news section on a match day. The show will begin between 30 and 60 minutes before kick-off. All SAFC senior games, in all competitions, are covered by the service.

Why are you charging fans to access commentary? It was free last season!

As a Sky Bet Championship club, the club has had to sign the EFL’s new Digital Rights Agreement in order to gain the rights to broadcast commentary on our website. This mandates that a minimum fee of £45 per season (can be reduced pro-rata for part-season subscriptions) or £4.50 per month has to be charged for audio commentary. Otherwise, the club is not allowed to broadcast audio commentary at all.

How do I sign up?

Click here to sign up for an account, then select your package and enter payment details. You should then receive a confirmation email when your purchase is completed. You will then be able to log in. If you are experiencing problems, please email the technical support team at

Can I use the same password as my ticketing or store account, or an old SAFSEE account?

No – the new subscription package is a completely separate service. Old SAFSEE accounts are not valid.

I want to cancel my monthly subscription. How do I do this?

To cancel a monthly subscription, head to and log in. You will then see the option to cancel in the 'Active Subscriptions' section. If you're still having problems, please contact Please note that seasonal passes do not auto-renew.

What devices/browsers are supported?

All iOS and Android devices should be supported – please ensure you are running the latest version of your device’s operating system. The service is also accessible on desktop devices and laptops. Supported browsers include latest versions of Chrome (recommended), Firefox and Safari. Edge is not recommended and Internet Explorer may not be supported.

How do I change my account details or log out?

Open up the website’s main menu, and you will see the ‘My Account’ and ‘Log Out’ prompts in circles at the bottom of the menu. These will disappear when you’re not logged in. To log in again, simply enter your username and password when playing restricted video or audio.

I’m logged in but audio isn’t playing.

Please ensure you have followed the advice above, and also temporarily disable any ad-blockers or other browser plugins which may interfere with the service. If you’re still struggling, please try a different device or email the support team at Please note the service won’t start until up to 30 minutes before kick-off.

I need further help or have a query about my account – who can I contact?

The technical support team at Stream AMG can be contacted at and they will come back to you with assistance.

Can I watch the games live?

As a non-EFL Digital club, there would be significant cost and complexity attached to broadcasting every game to a standard the club would be happy with. Also, the number of games which could be shown live is restricted. As such, we will not be participating in iFollow or any other streaming service for the foreseeable future.

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