A Love Supreme: A new dawn on Wearside

Well, this appears to be a joy.

After four years of enduring stuff on and off the field that would have the world’s most optimistic person tearing their hair out, we appear to have set the foundations on which to build something that, dare I say it, might actually be enjoyable.

Reasons to be cheerful, one, two three.  

It’s a strange feeling, this positivity. Let’s face it, since the end of the season we’ve had the statistics hoyed in our faces every day – the worst team in Premier League history, the worst Sunderland team ever, the worst team in this, that and the other – and it’s something that, shamefully, we’ve got used to.

We desperately needed something to cheer us up, and have been clutching at straws for years now, but this looks like one that might just float.

As Charlie Methven said, the ****-taking party stops here and now, and boy are we glad to hear statements like that.

Not just hear them, though, but to see the passion and resolve in the voices of the people making those statements.

Look, we’ve been here before in terms of a new manager, and even new owners, but these lads seem to understand what it means to be a football fan, and they’ve been and canvassed opinions from us, the supporters, as to what we want of them – and what they want of us.

It would appear they ‘get it’.

I know that as fans we’ve been bitten on the backside more times than a wildebeest crossing a river in the Serengeti, but that doesn’t mean it’s right and it doesn’t mean we should accept it any longer.

So far, we’ve got Stewart Donald and Methven, who have made all the right noises, and although we might have heard them all before, they do sound like the right things now.

They’ve gone and got Jack Ross, and I’ll admit to knowing nothing about him until I did the Google thing and found his impressive CV, and a repeat of his turning things around north of the border is exactly what we need, in terms of culture, mind-set, togetherness.

The majority of fans have accepted where we are. Whether the players can accept it as well remains to be seen, but it would appear that they better had or they’ll be on their collective bikes.

The appointment of Tony Davison from Spurs and club Wembley, and the man who sorted out my seat when we moved to the Stadium of Light, would appear to be an absolute steal.

The lad is as red and white as they come, and undoubtedly has the best interests of both the club and the fans at heart.


There’s the important word.

Heart – it pumps the lifeblood of the club around the ground, the town, the region, and the fan-base across the world.

Please, let this be the start of something special.

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