River Plate : A Hand Across the Atlantic

River Plate president Rodolfo D’Onofrio has reached out to Sunderland fan and Netflix star Peter Farrer, after watching the hit series Sunderland ‘Til I Die.  

The passion and emotion of Sunderland fans caught the eye of River’s president, who contacted Farrer to pay tribute to him and the club.

“I have watched Sunderland on Netflix and it excited me, even making me emotional looking at how a city can feel such tremendous passion for the game,” D’Onofrio said.

“I know you went through hard times, but this is a game, you win, and you lose and one day you will be in the place you deserve.

“The whole city is behind you; I thought the series was fantastic and it represents what football is about.

“If you ever pass through Argentina, you will have a wonderful welcome here at River and if I pass through England, I will make sure one of my stops is your city.”

River Plate, who also play in red and white, have even invited Farrer to their famous El Monumental stadium when lockdown is lifted and football resumes.

And despite being 7,000 miles away in Argentina, Farrer believes there are a number of similarities between the two clubs.  

“The passion they have for their football is very similar to ours, and to be honest, I think they have fallen in love with how genuine we are,” Farrer said.

“They’ve sent me videos across about how much they love Sunderland over there after watching the series, and it’s really great to see.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to connected with River Plate have been really down to earth, and they’ve even sent me across some merchandise.”

“They are all wanting to come to the Stadium of Light now and I’ve told them we need to go for a drink in the Colliery Tavern.”  

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