Our community: Elior and SAFC donate food stock

Elior UK and Sunderland AFC have donated all perishable food stock to Sunderland community soup kitchen.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, various events that were scheduled to take place at the Stadium of Light have been postponed, including SAFC’s first-team fixtures.

This has resulted in a surplus of items that were set to go to waste, but can play a vital role in supporting the local community.

And at a time when local communities are rallying around each other, general manager Chris Beason explained why Elior UK hope many other organisations follow suit.

“This is obviously a worrying time for everybody, so it’s important that we all pull together and help out our local community where we can,” said Beason.

“That’s why Elior UK have donated all perishable food stock from the Stadium of Light to the Sunderland community soup kitchen, and we hope that our small contribution can help others.”

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