Stadium: Register your matchday bubble

Sunderland AFC is continuing to undertake extensive planning ahead of the 2020-21 season to ensure supporters can return to the Stadium of Light as soon as possible in a safe and socially distanced fashion.

Working alongside supporters’ groups and representatives, the club has today launched a ‘Matchday Bubble’ form on Ticketmaster, which must be completed by ALL 2020-21 season card holders.

This will allow us to determine how many supporters wish to attend under the anticipated safety measures and to help identify the available capacity in line with current guidance from the EFL, the Sports Grounds Safety Authority and the Government.

This information will also be used to strategically develop a socially distanced stadium plan at the Stadium of Light and to ensure as many supporters as possible can attend fixtures to support the team.

Fans can register up to six supporters, including themselves, within their Matchday Bubble, but this must not include anybody outside of your social bubble under any circumstances.

Before completing this form, please ensure your Ticketmaster network is set up. For more information on this process, please click here.

Supporters wishing to attend fixtures on an individual basis and not in a Matchday Bubble must also complete the form, which is available by clicking here.

The deadline to complete this form is 4pm on Wednesday 2 September.

Please note, seasonal hospitality clients and Black Cats Bar pass holders do not need to complete this form and will instead be contacted directly by a member of the commercial team.

If you have any further questions, please consult the FAQ below or contact the Box Office by emailing

Should you require assistance completing the form, the Branch Liaison Council and the SID Project will be running an IT workshop on Monday 24 August at the Beacon of Light.

Your cooperation throughout this process will be vital to ensuring as many fans as possible can return to the Stadium of Light, so all at SAFC thank you for your continued support.


Should a reduced capacity result in some supporters not being able to attend all fixtures, how will the club determine which season card holders are allowed into the Stadium of Light?

We are committed to ensuring as many 2020-21 season card holders as possible can return to the Stadium of Light as soon as possible, but should demand exceed the numbers permitted to attend under the guidelines set, a ballot system will be introduced.

If a ballot system is required, will I be entered automatically?

Yes, all 2020-21 season card holders will be entered into the ballot for each game. Further details regarding this process will be provided should the system be introduced.

How many people can I have in my Matchday Bubble?

The maximum amount of people that can be added to your Matchday Bubble is six, including yourself. Please consider which family members and friends you have within your social bubble before submitting your selection. Any submissions exceeding six people will not be considered and individuals outside of your social bubble are not permitted to join your Matchday Bubble.

Will Matchday Bubbles be able to enter the ballot collectively?

It is our intention that those within Matchday Bubbles would be able to enter the ballot together and that they would be either successful or unsuccessful as a collective.

Will I be able to sit in my current seat?

We will endeavour to accommodate season card holders in the best available seats, but due to the safety measures anticipated, we would not be able to guarantee any pre-selected seats, or indeed the same seat, at every game.

If I’m attending individually and not as part of a Matchday Bubble, do I still need to fill out the form?

Yes, we still require your registration so we can see how many season card holders are coming on an individual basis.

If I am a season card holder requiring wheelchair access, including a personal assistant, in row 15, can I still use the same position?

Further details will follow in due course.

If I have mobility issues and require seats that are easily accessible, what is the process?

Please complete the form, but also contact the Box Office by emailing with your request.

Can I use my season card to gain access into the ground?

No, to ensure the safety protocols put in place are followed, all season card holders will be issued with a digital ticket. Supporters will then use a smartphone (Apple or Android) or similar device to gain access to the stadium.

What do I do if I do not have a smartphone?

A print-at-home service will be made available for supporters unable to use the digital ticketing service. Please note that when using this option, it will be the sole responsibility of the season card holder to print their tickets and bring them to the stadium. The Stadium of Light Box Office will not be able to reprint or issue any tickets on the day of the game.

If I cannot attend a fixture, can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

No, all tickets are non-transferable to ensure social distancing and safety measures are observed.

Can I choose who I attend with on a match-to-match basis?

No, once confirmed, your Matchday Bubble will remain in place for the duration of the 2020-21 season.

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