Hall of Fame: Brady praises important event

The Stadium of Light will host the first Hall of Fame dinner on June 14 when 11 important figures from the club’s history will be inducted.

Former Sunderland player Kieron Brady reached out to safc.com to let us know why the event is so important to him, as well as the wider SAFC community.

“The creation of a Hall of Fame is not merely welcome, but arguably long overdue," he said.

"The present inductees have all contributed to the club in a variety of ways, the foundation of the club to on field popularity and perseverance, as well as benevolence towards the city and its citizens."

He continued: “I hope that it will continue, that it will incentivize and that, in time, it can be extended beyond those who were in the employ of the club.

“The sustainability of the club for so long has been predicated on both the quantity and quality of such devoted following and, to that end, I trust that supporters, as well as those who operate on behalf of the club but without the profile of players, wlll be included as the Hall of Fame becomes embedded within the fabric of the club and the city.”

Fans can still get their hands on a ticket to the event by clicking here.

Inductees attending the event include Charlie Hurley, Niall Quinn, Jimmy Montgomery and Len Ashurst.

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