International fans: #WearAroundTheWorld...And even in Antartica!

It's official, #WearAroundTheWorld!

Following the release of Fulwell73’s Sunderland ‘Til I Die on Netflix in December, the club has seen an increase in engagement and online store purchases from new and existing supporters worldwide.

Over the years, Sunderland AFC has shipped club merchandise to six of the seven continents around the world, with the only continent eluding us being Antarctica.

However, that’s now changed!

Supporter Ryan Brindley, who has spent most of his live living in Lincoln, has recently relocated to southernmost continent for work commitments with the RAF. Currently conducting annual maintenance and repair work on all mast, towers and Ground to Air Antenna systems at the Rothera Research Station, Ryan’s work enables the research station to stay in contact with all personnel gaining scientific research deep in Antarctica.

Aside from working, Ryan and his colleagues sometimes play football on the small runway which makes for an interesting game when the penguins run across the pitch chasing the ball!

Are you a Sunderland fan and living abroad? We want to hear from you via the hashtag, #WearAroundTheWorld on Twitter.

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