Pink: 11th June 2010

Pink kicked off the UK leg of her Summer Carnival tour in fine style in front of a boisterous crowd at the Stadium of Light.

Over 35,000 fans packed into the home of the Black Cats and were treated to a superb performance.

What's more, the weather held up too - more than can be said for last year's rain-affected Take That concerts.

Opening support acts Butch Walker and City and Colour put in solid performances to warm up the crowd, and there was to be more from Walker later.British artist V V Brown was given the task of preceding Pink, and she responded with an energetic show backed with a minimalist accompaniment of a single guitar, bass and drums.

With such a stripped-down sound, the onus was on Brown's voice and she didn't disappoint, delivering with power and carrying the crowd along throughout her set.

The extravagant stage suggested Pink's performance would be something special, and so it proved as the US star rapelled onto the stage from a circus box hanging from a huge crowd.

After steaming through the upbeat 'Funhouse', the crowd hardly had time to catch their breath before Pink unleashed a barrage of classics, including old-school hit 'Like A Pill'.

Pink bemoaned a problem with the PA system early in her set, but this didn't seem to put the singer - nor the crowd - off their respective strides.

She made use of the catwalk at the front of the stage on several occasions - often leaving the stage altogether - and mixed hits new and old before taking a break with an acoustic sequence.

Pink was joined by Butch Walker for a rousing mix of classic 'My Generation' with Green Day's 'Basket Case'.

Walker's appearance heralded a number of covers as Pink took her performance in a different direction, especially impressing with a rousing version of 'Roxanne' by the Police.

The sight of the singer Zorbing across the audience was another highlight, but the pick of the visual stunts was saved for the encore after a little more than 90 minutes of action.

Pink took the skies to belt out 'So What' to a rapturous reception from the crowd, the vast majority of whom went home delighted.

Music fans all over the north east will already be looking to next year's concert season after a fine performance to rank well up there with the likes of Take That and Oasis last summer.

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