Coldplay: 7th June 2012

In keeping with the theme of the extra-long Bank Holiday weekend, which saw the nation come together to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, one of Britain's biggest bands kept the party atmosphere going when they lit up Wearside.

Coldplay arrived at Sunderland's Stadium of Light, on the back of a hat-trick of shows in London, for the penultimate show of their summer stadium tour.

Anticipation had been building around the city for weeks and despite the best of British weather arriving right on show time, spirits were certainly not dampened.

The four-piece kicked off their set with the title track of their fifth album, Mylo Xyloto, while the 50,000 capacity crowd lit up the venue with the much-talked about neon wristbands.

Every member of the crowd became part of the show as fans were handed a light-up wristband upon entering the stadium, which were controlled at various intervals during the band's performance creating a spectacle to behold.

There were more laser lights and pyrotechnics in full flow when the band burst into the thunderous Hurts Like Heaven.

The feast for the eyes continued as confetti cannons erupted against the backdrop of five big screens and the wristband display, while scores of globe-like beach balls were let loose to bob around the crowd.

All of these special effects didn't distract from the show, as lead singer Chris Martin was his usual animated self, with his trademark energetic sprints around the stage - including a knee-slide through a water-logged catwalk!

Following a few introductions and a quip about 'the apocalyptic weather' the band wasted no time to belt out some of the biggest hits of their back catalogue, In My Place and The Scientist.

The opening bars of Yellow were met with rapturous applause from the soaking wet crowd, who actually out-sung Martin throughout this early classic - much to the singer's delight.

The longer the show went on the rain seemed to get heavier, but in true British fashion the show went on, as the band thrashed out Violet Hill, God Put a Smile on Your Face and their brand new duet with Rihanna, Princess of China, while the songstress appeared on the big screens.

Following an impromptu version of Singing in the Rain, the show continued at its frenetic pace with crowd favourites Viva La Vida, Charlie Brown and Paradise.

After a faultless 90 minutes on stage, the band left the crowd longing for more of their melodic pop rock - and so, duly obliged!

Martin announced: "I hope you've had a good time - we certainly have - and there's a few more surprises to come."

He wasn't wrong. The band reappeared on a smaller second stage right at the back of the stadium to get closer to the crowd during Speed of Sound.

After a quick jog though the crowd the band returned to the main stage for an encore of Clocks and Fix You before ending the show with Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall - quite a fitting finale!

Despite the torrential downpour the crowds were determined not to have their parade rained on and played their role spectacularly as Coldplay succeeded in illuminating the Stadium of Light.

So much so, that minutes after the show finished the front man couldn't contain his excitement and took to Twitter to tell everyone how amazing the audience at the Stadium of Light had been.

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