History: The Roker Roar

Legend has it that the morning after Sunderland's 1973 FA Cup triumph over Manchester City, a member of the Roker Park ground staff was setting about his daily routine when he spotted a lone figure standing on the Fulwell End terraces gazing up at the roof.

When approached the stranger introduced himself as a London-based journalist who had attended the night before, and when quizzed as to what he was doing he innocently asked: "I've been reporting on top-class football all my life but I've never heard noise like that. It's a marvellous gimmick - where are the hidden amplifiers?"

"Amplifiers," replied the groundsman. "There's no bloody amplifiers here mate. What you heard last night was the Roker Roar!"

Dennis Tueart, Bobby Kerr and Vic Halom were the scorers that night and five months later they imortalised their place in Sunderland folklore as the Black Cats won the FA Cup at Wembley, but they're just three of countless players to make the Roker Roar and now you can explore 50 of the very best...

50 players who made Roker Roar

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