STADIUMS: Blue House Field

Sunderland’s first football ground was in Hendon at Blue House Field.

Having been founded by Hendon schoolteacher James Allan, and originally named Sunderland and District Teachers’ Association Football Club, Sunderland’s first home game on record came on November 13th 1880 when Ferryhill beat the Black Cats 1-0.

Blue House was on the site of what is now Commercial Road, but with an annual cost of £10 Sunderland moved to a new ground after dropping the ‘and District Teachers’ Association’ from their title.

However, after Allan’s departure Sunderland returned to Blue House as an away side following Allan’s decision to form a rival side called Sunderland Albion.

Sunderland Albion – founded in 1888 - attempted to become Wearside’s top club, but they sank without a trace four years later after Sunderland’s election to the Football League.

The Lads famous red and white stripes weren’t the original colours they wore, and given they originally played at Blue House Field their kits consisted of Blue shirts and knickerbockers with white stripes, as well as a tasselled cap.

Fast forward to the 21st century and Blue House Field is still a football pitch.

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