UK Branch: Seaham


Contact: Tom Corkhill

Mobile: 07983421335

Learn more about the Seaham branch with the Q&A section below.

When was the branch established?

The Seaham branch was formed in 2000.

How can a supporter become a member and is there a member fee?

Supporters can become members by simply turning up at the Deneside Club no later than 75 mins before kick off or by contacting Tom Corkhill on the telephone number above.


Does the branch host member meetings?

We hold our meeting once a month at the Deneside Club at 7pm on a Thursday, anyone is welcome to come along. 


How many members does the branch currently have?
The branch currently has around 350 members and 500 Facebook members.


Does the branch support its members when booking home or away tickets for games?
All members are season ticket holders and we support members who wish to travel to away games.


Where does the branch collect supporters from for home and away coach travel?
We pick up for home and away games from the Deneside Club in Seaham.


What are the coach travel prices for away games through the season?
Away game prices vary, £22-£25 adults £15 concessions(under 18s/over 65s) for Yorkshire and Lancashire, £28 adults £15 concessions for the Midlands and £45 adults £25 concessions for London. 


Schedule of upcoming social events for the Branch?
There isn't anything planned at the moment.


Do you have any additional information that you would like to share?

We are a non-profit making Branch and every penny we make goes to charity, this season we have raised £8,482 and this brings our total to over £50,000 since being formed, we run home and away buses, a super 6 competition, a lottery competition and we also run football cards. We have 2 fundraising nights per season (Easter and Christmas) at Deneside Club, the next one being the Thursday before Christmas.

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