UK Branch: North Yorkshire


Contact: Ken Gambles


Learn more about the North Yorkshire with the Q&A section below.

When was the branch established?


How can a supporter become a member and is there a member fee?

Contact us via the email address above. There's a yearly membership fee of £3.


Does the branch host member meetings?

Owing to geographical spread, only infrequently.


How many members does the branch currently have?


Does the branch support its members when booking home or away tickets for games?


Where does the branch collect supporters from for home and away coach travel?
Running transport is unfortunately no longer practicable.


Schedule of upcoming social events for the Branch?
There isn't anything planned at the moment.


Do you have any additional information that you would like to share?

We are only a small branch covering a huge swathe of North Yorkshire. We do product an enjoyable newsletter 3/4 times per year called Micra (NYSSAN Micra. Geddit?)



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