UK Branch: Newcastle & Gateshead


Contact: David McMahon


Learn more about the Newcastle & Gateshead branch with the Q&A section below.

When was the branch established?

December 2018.

How can a supporter become a member and is there a member fee?

Anyone can subscribe to our website at but if you would like to be a paid member we charge an annual fee of £10 per adult and £5 for under 18's and over 60's.


Does the branch host member meetings?

Yes, we have a location in Whitley Bay which attracted nearly 60 the last time we met in early May.


How many members does the branch currently have?
Wecurrently have 57 paid members and roughly 1,400 followers on the various social media platforms.


Does the branch support its members when booking home or away tickets for games?
We don't do this currently but it is something that we will look into in the the future.


Where does the branch collect supporters from for home and away coach travel?
From Whitley Bay down to Heworth metro.


What are the coach travel prices for away games through the season?
On average I'd say about the £28 mark (not including subsidies).


What is your schedule of upcoming social events for the branch?

We don't have anything coming up but we did hold a post fixture release get together on Sunday 23 June to discuss and plan the new season ahead.


Is the branch going to pre-season in Portugal?
We are a new branch finding our legs but we're off to a fantastic start. More and more people are intrigued by what we are trying to accomplish. Ideally we would like to get more involved from North of the Tyne and the Gateshead area. We estimate that there are hundreds of Sunderland supporters over this way that know nothing about us so our job is to make them aware and make this branch one of the best supported outside of Sunderland.

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