UK Branch: London & Southern England


Contact: Bernie Hutchinson


Learn more about the London & Southern England branch with the Q&A section below.

 When was the branch established?


How can a supporter become a member and is there a member fee?

Supporters can join online via the branch website

There is a range of annual subscriptions to cater for individuals, groups, families and seniors.

Does the branch host member meetings?

The Branch host regular Socials in central London. These tend to take place at a brewery in London Bridge, owned by a number of Branch Members.

We have our own football, cricket, pool, darts and quiz teams who play regularly throughout the year.

Annual AGM

How many members does the branch currently have?
We currently have 500 members.


Does the branch support its members when booking home or away tickets for games?

Yes, tickets can be arranged through our Ticket Officer.


Where does the branch collect supporters from for home and away coach travel?
Supporters make their own way to games.

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