UK Branch: Ferryhill


Contact: Ben Devine

Mobile: 07858178265

Learn more about the Ferryhill branch with the Q&A section below.

When was the branch established?

The Ferryhill branch was formed in 1997.

How can a supporter become a member and is there a member fee?

Supporters can become members by contacting Ben Devine 07858178265, membership is subject to branch numbers. Membership fee is £4.00.


Does the branch host member meetings?

The branch currently holds an annual AGM and produces a bi-yearly newsletter.


How many members does the branch currently have?
The branch currently have 42 members.


Does the branch support its members when booking home or away tickets for games?
All members are season ticket holders and we support members who wish to travel to away games.


Where does the branch collect supporters from for home and away coach travel?
Home - pick ups at Spennymoor, Kirk Merrington, Ferryhill Village.


What are the coach travel prices for away games through the season?
This depend on journey as a branch we share away travel with Coxhoe branch and Sedgefield branch, between £25-£35


Schedule of upcoming social events for the Branch?
There isn't anything planned at the moment.


Do you have any additional information that you would like to share?

We are a forward thinking branch made up of die hard SAFC supporters. We value our young supporters who we believe in time will take the branch forward.

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