International branch: Peru

Contact: Kevin Arellano

Q: What inspired you to support Sunderland?

A: I started watching football when I was 11 and the league that attracted me the most was the English league. Since then I watch English football every weekend. I thought Sunderland was an interesting team, especially because of their fans. I remember at that time players like Henderson and our captain Cattermole. All this generated a certain affinity with the team.

Q: Have you watched Sunderland ‘til I die on Netflix and what did you think of it?  

A: Of course! I've seen it twice alone and then with my father who also loves good football. I thought it was a great series in the sense that it showed how the club is beyond the weekend matches. It showed facilities, the quality of work that is done so that the team has what it needs. Although it showed too hard a part for the club and the city, I think the series achieved a very clear objective as it was to attract fans from all countries. Also showed something that I liked very much that are the fans and the city. It's a beautiful city! I really hope to be able to travel to Sunderland at the end of the year and of course watch a game at the Stadium of Light! It would be a dream come true.

Q: What time are the Sunderland matches on in Peru and do you watch them with any other supporters?

A: Most Sunderland games start at 10am here in Peru. Peru has -5 GMT. It is a pleasant schedule because one wakes up after a long week and can relax and enjoy a good football match in the morning.

Q: What was the first Sunderland match you ever watched? Can you remember the score?

A: To be honest, the first match is hard for me to remember, but one match I have in my memory is from 2009. It was a game at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland drew with Tottenham. I remember Richardson scored at the start of the game but in the end we were tied.

Q: How long have you been supporting Sunderland for?

A: Like I said, I always liked the team, I always followed it. I think around the 2010/11 season I took a more fanatical stance. Taking an interest in what days the team plays, who will be the headlines and everything else from someone who focuses on a club.

Q: Roughly, how many Sunderland fans are there in Peru that you know of?

A: I don't have an approximate amount but with my college friends we watch a lot of football. And I recommended them to watch the series on Netflix, they have taken some interest in the team which I think is wonderful.

Q: What are your plans for the Peru branch?

A: My plan is to gradually create a group of more committed fans who will help and follow Sunderland AFC. The goal is to be able to share information in Spanish so that people understand and achieve greater affinity with the club.

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