International Branch: Feyenoord

Contact: Roger Lindenbergh

Q:  What inspired you to support Sunderland?

A: I have become a Sunderland supporter since the 80’s when a Dutch lad called Hans de Roo (or Rhoon) moved to Roker and left everything behind in Holland to become a Sunderland supporter

Also because of the old Harbor/shipbuilding connection that started in the 70’s when Sunderland lads came to Rotterdam to find work in the docks and in there free time went to watch Feyenoord

In those days giants of Europe and even the world when winning the Champions League, the UEFA Cup and even the World Cup for club teams and domestic league and cups in Holland!

Q: Have you watched Sunderland ‘til I die on Netflix and what did you think of it?

A: Of course the Netflix series was also a big hit in Holland and this was very emotional to watch (I was on it myself as well in the crowd away at Millwall)

Q: What time are the Sunderland matches on in Feyernoord and do you watch them with any other supporters?

A: In the PL years it was ofcourse very easy to watch Sunderland back home in our local pub called the Hide Away in Rotterdam (close to the Feyenoord ground ‘De Kuip”)

The hide away is also our official branch location for meetings and getting together for watching the games a BBQ and also the venue for Sunderland lads who come over to support Feyenoord!

So always very busy and  full with Feyenoord Mackems from both sides of the North Sea!

Q: What was the first Sunderland match you ever watched? Can you remember the score?

My first match was a lot later then my first visit to Sunderland and Roker Park, when was i little boy playing for a local club in the summer times we went over for friendly games/tournaments

And the the following year the local clubs in Sunderland area came to Holland for friendly, always a great experience so it took me until end of the 80’s and early 90’s to watch my first match

(I couldn’t tell who we played and if we won…)

Q: How long have you been supporting Sunderland for?

A: So I support Sunderland since i was a kid so at the least for 30 years now!

Q: Roughly, how many Sunderland fans are there in Feyernoord now that you know of?

A: At Feyenoord loads of fans have adopted Sunderland as there “second” team but ofcourse only a group of really loyal lads come over regular to watch Sunderland matches

We are with about 100 lads that try and come over a few times every season, some come a bit more and some only come over for 1 match when we also have the FeyenoordMackem branch party in the Queen Victoria at Roker Park (this year it will be after the match against Coventry City so if anybody wants to meet up with us for a drink and a good party you are more then welcome)

Q: What are your plans for the Feyernoord branch?

A: Our plans for the FeyenoordMackem branch are to stay in touch with everybody who is interested and try to help both the Sunderland lads to come over to Rotterdam and visa versa when our lads go to the SOL

2 times every year a branch party on both sides of the North Sea so home and away ;)

What are your plans for the Feyernoord branch?  
What are your plans for the Feyernoord branch?  
What are your plans for the Feyernoord branch?  
What are your plans for the Feyernoord branch?  
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