International Branch: Black Cats of Italy and Limone

Contact: Enrico Milani
Tel: +39 3474483674

Contact: Bob Knight
Contact: 01244 332933


Find out more about Enrico and the Black Cats of Italy branch below.

What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Enrico and I am Italian.

How did you become a Sunderland supporter?
In 1990 I saw a TV show about English Football. I saw Roker Park and the passion of the Mackem’s. From that moment, only Sunderland in my football life.

Can you tell us about your supporter branch? When did you set up the branch and how many members do you have?
The branch started in 1990 with family and some friends from the Brescia area. Now we have more than 70 members in all of Italy. Our home is on Lake Iseo and we organise events for charity or for good fun.

Can you tell us about your upcoming branch party? When and where will it be and what will be happening?
Our big party will be from the 31st May 2019 to the 2nd of June. We will be in two different villages on Iseo Lake. In particular, the local council gave us big supporter, we will play a charity football tournament and pizza party in our new ‘Easy Pizza Pizzeria.’ Marco the owner is a Sunderland fan too. In Sarnico we will have very good fun and lots of beer in our club house called ‘No Stress Pub’ (great name for Sunderland supporters), Gabry the owner is also a great Sunderland fan.

How many countries are people coming from to attend the party?
Fans arrive from all of Europe, now I know we will have people from England, Scotland, Holland, Estonia, Bulgaria and Switzerland. But, I hope to see more representation from other countries all together in red and white.

Did people enjoy the previous party?
Last year the party was great. It was full of football, lake, sun, beers, wine, pizza, pasta and fun.

Are there any plans for monthly/annual parties following this next party? 
Normally we organise a couple of charity football matches a year plus 3 or 4 trips to England to watch Sunderland play.

Is there a fundraising target for this party?
As always yes! This year the charity will be for two local families (one from Paratico and one from Sanrimo). Pub and pizzeria will help the charity. Example, if beer costs 3 Euros, 50 cents will go to charity. Same of pizza.

How many people would you like to attend this party?
I hope we have more than 100 and hope some former players will come too.

How are you planning to persuade people to follow and start supporting Sunderland in your local area?
Sunderland has the best fans in the world! I am a great ambassador of SAFC here in Italy. We support a football team but we do charity and good fun too.

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