Sunderland AFC Liaison Group: How to join the SLG

The SAFC Liaison Group (SLG) has been in existence for over 20 years. During this time it has successfully influenced the club on many supporter issues including ticket pricing, stadium facilities and development, recognition of supporter loyalty and new initiatives.

The group was originally formed in 1994, at the request of the club, from a cross-section of supporters, to offer a supporter voice to development.

When the Football Task Force visited the area in 1998 they met with supporter groups at the Stadium of Light and commended the Roker Liaison Group, as it was known as at the time, and Sunderland Association Football Club in the field of supporter consultation and described the set-up as "unique in British football and an example for all to follow".

The aim of the group is to represent the views, concerns, and aspirations of all Sunderland AFC supporters. This includes supporters of all ages and backgrounds, from those who never miss a game to those who see Sunderland as our team. It has a regular constructive dialogue with the Board of Directors. The focus is on supporter experience with the objective of encouraging long term success for the club and a positive relationship with supporters.

The group meets monthly as a whole on the first Wednesday of each month. Periodically six group members are nominated across the SLG to attend the meetings with Sunderland AFC through the season to discuss the supporters issues directly with the club.

How to join the SLG

The SLG is open to all Sunderland AFC supporters that want to attend the meetings and engage with Sunderland AFC. If you are interested in becoming a part of the group please contact

Chairman: Steve Dean
Vice Chair:
Michael Ganley
Paul Andrew
Assistant Secretary:
Peter Shippey
Minutes Secretaries
: Jan Turner and Ian Dawson

Meeting minutes 2016/17 season

February 2017
October 2016

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