SAFC in Africa - Community

Sunderland AFC has, and always will be, a club with a firm focus on the importance of community.

The club’s Foundation of Light is a driving force for social improvement in the north east of England, and works with more than 40,000 local people annually.

This pastoral approach transfers to the club’s international outlook and sits at the heart of all activities across the globe.

Through the Invest in Africa partnership, Sunderland AFC is committed to helping to transform the continent’s business landscape and provide further opportunities for economic growth.

Contributing and giving back to the communities in which the club operates is of primary importance.

Coaches are already leading innovative programmes at the grass-roots level, while sporting and business expertise is being shared amongst partner businesses, community organisations and football clubs.

The club is looking to create supporters for the future across Africa while recognising that this process is a two-way street.

African fans are being welcomed into the family of Sunderland supporters in increasing numbers - but a key focus is to ensure that those supporters can see the impact their club is having in areas which need support.