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Safeguarding Children & Young People

Information regarding club policies.

Sunderland AFC Safeguarding Children and Young People

Statement of Commitment

Sunderland AFC is fully committed to the safeguarding and welfare of children and young people, and expects all staff, players and volunteers to share this commitment. This is fully endorsed by the club’s board.

The club makes provisions for children and young people ensuring that:

● The welfare of children is paramount;

● All children, whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious belief and/or sexual identity have the right to safety and protection from abuse and harm;

● All suspicions and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately;

● All staff, players and volunteers working for Sunderland AFC have a responsibility to report concerns to the appropriate Children’s Services Officer. 

Policy Statement

Sunderland AFC has a duty of care to safeguard all children and young people involved in our activities from harm. All children have the right to protection, and the needs of disabled children and others who may be particularly vulnerable must be taken into account. 

Sunderland AFC will ensure the safety and protection of all children and young people involved in activities through adherence to the Safeguarding guidelines adopted by the club.

A child is defined as under the age of 18 (The Children Act 1989).

Policy Aims

The aim of Sunderland AFC’s Safeguarding Policy is to promote good practice to ensure that we:

● Provide children and young people with appropriate safety and protection whilst in the care of Sunderland AFC;

● Provide relevant safeguarding training, with appropriate training providers, for staff, players and volunteers;

● Allow staff/volunteers to make informed and confident responses to specific safeguarding issues.

Our policy adheres to government legislation to protect and safeguard children and vulnerable adults. The Club follows the guidelines of the Football Association Policy and the Premier League Policy. 

We also work closely with the NSPCC and Sunderland Children’s Services, Social Care.

Please Note: Non accredited scouts have been known to approach individuals claiming to provide them with a trial to play for SAFC in return for a payable fee. 

This is NOT an SAFC policy and the concept is completely against the ethos of our Academy. 

SAFC’s scouts will be clearly identifiable and will have the appropriate identification on their person for your viewing. Any trials which are offered are purely on the basis of capability and are not for monetary gain. 

If you or anyone you know is approached by a suspicious scout, please contact: