Info: Away ticket procedure

by Sunderland AFC

Away ticketing procedure.

Due to regulations regarding the storage and transmission of credit and debit card data, Sunderland AFC would like to inform supporters of arrangements for the purchase of away tickets.

The current procedure of completing an application will be withdrawn and replaced by a straight-forward purchase if the season card holder has the relevant number of Black Cats points required at the time of purchase.

The new method means that the club will issue a schedule for each game, stating when a season card holder can purchase his or her away ticket, depending on the number of Black Cats points accrued. 

See below as an example of how this would work:

January 1st - January 3rd: Season card holders with 10 points or more

January 4th - January 6th: Season card holders with 5 points or more

January 7th - January 9th: Season card holders with 0 points or more

January 10th: General sale

The Black Cats point bands and timeframe will vary from match to match, based on demand for each individual fixture. 

If supporters miss their designated purchase period, they will still be permitted to buy tickets but must be aware that there is the possibility that the match could sell out before they make their purchase.

Tickets can be purchased in the following way, SUBJECT to having the appropriate number of Black Cats points:

- In person at the Stadium of Light ticket office

- By telephone on the 24-hour hotline, 0871 911 1973

- Via the online ticketing service

The following details will be required in order to make a purchase: customer number, any concession applicable, payment and current address details of the lead customer.

Supporters travelling in a group who wish to sit together can order their tickets together but each member of the party must have the required number of points to make a successful purchase. 

The system will reject any applicant who does not qualify and that season card holder would then have to wait until the period when they do qualify. 

Alternatively, the entire group could wait to purchase until the season card holder with the lowest number of points can apply, but there is a risk the match could sell out before their purchase can be made.

Ordering for a group of season card holders is a straightforward  process at the ticket office or by telephone, with the customer numbers and addresses  needing to be quoted to the operator.

However, if ordering online, the following procedure applies:

By purchasing a season card supporters’ details are already recorded on the ticketing system and they should follow the log-in details as usual. 

Any supporter who has not logged in previously needs to complete a SUPPORTER LOG-IN with Customer No (detailed on the season card), surname and postcode. Then ensure the details are fully up to date by clicking MY ACCOUNT and then YOUR DETAILS.

Supporters can also make purchases for other season card holders online by setting them up in the ‘friends and family’ group, with the correct customer numbers and postcodes by following the menu options. 

After setting up a group, supporters can then select which members they want to order tickets for and this will allow groups to sit together, however if a member of the friends and family group doesn’t qualify for tickets at that time, they will not appear on the list.

Whoever makes the booking will be designated as the lead customer and be responsible for payment. Tickets will also be despatched to the lead customers’ address.  Supporters choosing to purchase through the online option are advised to set this group up in advance of the first match.  

Again, if any of the season card holders in the group of ‘friends and family’ do not qualify for a particular match because they do not have the required Black Cats points, that individual will not appear on the list and will be unable to purchase until they do qualify.

Due to the implementation of this procedure, there will no longer be a loyalty point issued for unsuccessful applications. The away season card (V62) where an application could be considered for all away matches will also no longer be in operation, due to the new credit /debit card data restrictions.

Sunderland AFC will charge a booking fee of 50p per ticket to cover service charges and postage.

The Black Cats points considered for the 15-16 season will include, away matches in seasons 12-13, 13-14 and 14-15. The system will continue to award one point for each qualifying match attended and this will be added at point of sale.