Gus reflects on solid performance

by SAFSee

Gus Poyet speaks to SAFSee following the 0-0 draw at Aston Villa.

Sunderland chief Gus Poyet looked back on his side’s draw with Aston Villa a little dissatisfied that his team were not leaving the Midlands with maximum points. 

“Of course we will take the point, but we did want  all three and we were playing for three,” Poyet told SAFSee after the final whistle. 

“I think that we created the best chances of the game to go out and get those three points, however, we didn’t get them, and so I will have to accept that.”

However, the head coach was pleased to see the type of performance from Sunderland that he has been yearning for since his arrival almost two months ago.

“Throughout the game we made it very difficult for the opposition, we competed, passed the ball and it was a very solid performance for the entire 90 minutes, therefore the outcome, as you expect it should be, was positive. 

"In recent away games we have performed for just one half or maybe struggled in certain areas on the pitch,” Poyet continued. “Today I was looking for a full performance from the whole team for 90 minutes and I think we got that.”

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