Life's a beach for Carlos

by Stuart Vose

Spaniard Cuellar living la vida loca in north east.

Carlos Cuellar has wasted no time in sampling everything the North East has to offer following his move from Aston Villa this summer.

The Spanish defender immersed himself in the region's culture since arriving at the Stadium of Light in earlier this summer, spending his days off visiting local landmarks such as Roker Beach and Durham Cathedral.

A huge advocate of social media, Cuellar has been keeping fans up to date with his travels and sight-seeing via his Twitter account and runs regular competitions on his official website.

"I'm enjoying my time in the North East, and on my days off I like to visit different places," he said. "You have a lovely city, beach and restaurants. I'm so happy here and enjoying it a lot.

"There's a massive difference to Birmingham, there are different things to do. I think the beach is so important because it makes you feel better with the views. Durham Cathedral was very nice. I think there is a lot more to do.

Cuellar believes it is important footballers do not isolate themselves from the fans who watch them week in and week out, and to demonstrate this is hoping to organise a social event to properly introduce himself to the Sunderland faithful.

He added: "I love drinking coffee, and if the supporters want to join me that is fine. I'm trying to arrange a meeting with around 50 supporters to have a coffee and chat with me for a few hours one afternoon.

"It's very important the players get to know the supporters because sometimes they think you are untouchable and really special.

"But we are no more special than them. So I think it is good to talk to them and to know how they feel about you and about the team.

"It's also good for them because they don't know a lot about what happens inside the club or the dressing room and you have to talk to them to let them know how things are working.

The more they know players and how they feel the more the supporters can help us on the pitch.

"I think there has to be constant communication between the players and the crowd. They help us and we can help them. It's important to communicate all the time."

Follow Carlos at his Twitter account @Cuellar24 and on his official website