Academy Challenge returns

by SAFSee

Staff v player challenge is back with part one of Stockdale v Agnew.

SAFSee's Academy Challenge returns as development squad midfielder Liam Agnew takes on one of his bosses, Robbie Stockdale.

This week's edition sees the staff in need of a win following three straight victories for the players.

An early lead for the staff through Stuart Brightwell in Episode One was cancelled out when Lynden Gooch saw off Lewis Dickman.

And Episodes Three and Four saw sudden-death victories for Martin Smith and Tom Robson over Elliott Dickman and Carlton Fairweather.

Watch part one of the latest episode above as Agnew and Stockdale take on the accuracy challenge.


EP 1: Stuart Brightwell beat Dylan McEvoy 2-0

EP 2: Lynden Gooch beat Lewis Dickman 2-0

EP 3: Martin Smith beat Elliott Dickman 2-1

EP 4: Tom Robson beat Carlton Fairweather 2-1