Gary Hutchinson

Director on concert benefits

by Stuart Vose

Gary Hutchinson on Bon Jovi arrival.

Sunderland’s commercial director, Gary Hutchinson, says Bon Jovi’s visit next summer represents another step forward for the region.

The New Jersey rockers have pencilled in a date at the Stadium of Light on June 13, 2013, as part of their Because We Can tour, which includes 33 dates at venues across the world.

Tickets are on sale now (click here to find out more) and Hutchinson is delighted to welcome another top-flight act to the Stadium of Light.

“It’s been many months of hard work from the team here behind the scenes and to secure an act like Bon Jovi who part of a global tour and last played in the region many years ago is of real significance to us,” he said.

“Bon Jovi is another step up on what we’ve done so far. We’ve got a great pedigree with 12 concerts to date and 650,000 people coming in, making an economic benefit of around £42m.

“Each concert is worth around £3.5m to the local economy so it’s not just about what this is doing for the club, it’s about what we can make it for the city and the region. There’s also a real excitement around the region when we make these announcements.

“Anything we can do to bring more revenue into the club is important in terms of our onward development, what we can put back into the playing squad – how we can improve our performance on the pitch.

“Everything we bring in revenue-wise helps Martin and the team on the pitch for the future.” 

The concerts are a real team effort with organizations from across the region and beyond working together in partnership.

“We will now have more than 200 businesses working with us on the concerts project from announcement through to delivery,” Hutchinson added.

“There are lots of different phases now. There’s a fantastic team working behind the scenes here - everybody from safety and security through to facilities, ticketing as well as marketing and communications. It’s a real team effort to do all of this alongside our primary business: football.

“We have the city council, Nexus, the police, the local University where we get students working with us, so it’s a real team effort not just from the club.

“That’s really apparent to the promoter that when we go out there, it’s a partnership. We are their partner in the delivery of a successful concert and we have many partners around us as well.”