Useful Information

Helpful information ahead of the shows at the stadium.

Our trained operators will try to deal, as quickly as possible, with any queries, issues or enquiries regarding these events.

The concert helpline team can be contacted on (0191) 551 5004 and will be available during normal trading hours from announcement dates.

Operation dates will be confirmed nearer to show day.  10am-5:30pm, unless stated.

Visitors are advised the area directly surrounding the Stadium is a pedestrian-only zone on concert days .

No access will be available for pick up or drop off and there will be no parking available at the Stadium or in the surrounding residential areas. For safety and security reasons visitors are urged to use recognised car parks only (traffic enforcement officers will be present throughout the city on all concert day to enforce waiting restrictions)

Road closures will be in force around the stadium on the day of the concerts from very early morning until after the end of concerts to prevent the mix of traffic and people, in the interests of public safety.

It is advised that traffic conditions near to the stadium will be heavy on concert day (especially near to start time of concert and at end of event) and it advised that if you are dropping people off for the concerts, to do so a safe distance away from the venue and meet at the designated meeting points shown on the site map

Please do not attempt to access the immediate areas around the stadium by vehicle as road closure will be in place and traffic enforcement officers will prevent all vehicular access, apart from business permit holders and emergency vehicles.

There will be limited parking available on the site for disabled patrons who have purchased a designated disabled concert ticket and can provide a blue badge, unfortunately the parking spaces for disabled patrons are strictly limited and therefore there will be no further availability over the provision mentioned.

We aim to ensure that your visit to the Sunderland Stadium of Light is an enjoyable experience. Many Stewards and police will be on duty to assist you during the day and in the event of an emergency please listen to safety announcements and follow any instructions given.

  • Please respect our local community, our city and the venue and staff
  • Please remember our staff are here to help and assist you where necessary
  • Please respect other concert goers
  • Please do not participate in any anti-social behaviour or you will be removed from the venue and possibly arrested
  • The stadium is no smoking and smoking is illegal within the venue
  • Please abide by ground regulations and terms and conditions as stated on our ticket
  • Please dress appropriately to the weather conditions
  • Please keep your ticket and stadium plan that was sent with your tickets as this is an excellent guide of the stadium site and the city
  • Do not park in residential areas.
  • A strict alcohol exclusion zone will operate in the areas close to the stadium.
  • Please drink responsibly in the city centre and Stadium areas.
  • Please have your ticket ready for inspection on arrival to the stadium, we have recently installed advanced access scanning equipment at the stadium which will be in operation – this will prevent forged tickets from being used to gain entry
  • Ticket touts may be operating around the Stadium and city centre areas. These tickets are likely to be forgeries, please do not buy from touts.
  • Do not buy merchandise from unofficial street vendors. Official merchandise is only available from within the Stadium.
  • Please help us to keep Sunderland tidy - use the litter bins provided.
  • Please report to the nearest steward for assistance with lost children.
  • Please report to the nearest steward/first aid point if you are feeling unwell or require medical assistance – we have teams of trained medical personnel on site with access to a full range of first aid facilities

Accident and Emergency Information
Sunderland Royal Hospital
0191 565 6256
Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Kyall road, Sunderland, SR4 7TP
Grindon Lane Primary Care Centre
0191 525 2300
Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Grindon, Sunderland SR3 4DE
Bunny Hill Primary Care Centre
0191 519 5800
Open 8am-8:15pm, 7 days a week

Hylton Lane, Sunderland, SR5 4EA