Lawson Q&A

by Kate Smith

The boys answer your questions!

3 days! @takingoverlucy 
what was the first album or song you ever bought?
ADAM – My first album was something very cheesy and I'll never tell. The last album I got was Justin Timberlake's new one. Check it out, very nice for a romantic night in.

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What’s your favourite moment about touring?
ADAM – Just playing the shows. Seeing the reaction to the music in a live environment – there's nothing better!

Lauren ∞ @ChersMayniac 
Who's the most famous person in your phone book/contacts?
ANDY – We've actually not got that mad a collection of celeb mates. We don't go out enough! And when we do it's normally just us 4 and our pals from home. Mark from Westlife was helpful to us in the early days and he's in there, as is Gary Barlow who I've written with a couple of times now.

Katy @K8pop!
Who are your best friends in the music business? 
RYAN – As corny as it sounds, each other. We literally are best mates. Which is handy considering we spend so much time together.

georgia @calmemrsstylesx 
What has been the highlight of your career so far?
JOEL – There's so many. The album going to number 4 in the charts was a big one as is seeing the reaction internationally to Standing In The Dark. It's been a hit in a lot of countries and it always blows out mind to hear it being sung back at us by the audience when we play a show.

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if you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be?
ANDY – I think Hey Jude by The Beatles would be up there. I'm obviously a massive fan being from Liverpool and it's such an iconic song.

♥Lawson♥ @LawsonRoom94 
What inspired you to be in a band?
JOEL – John Mayer. Such an awesome guitarist, songwriter, performer – everything. His Room For Squares album made me want to make sure music was my career.

 Jenn @jens87
If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
ADAM – The other lads always make fun of me for my eating habits. I'm very fussy. Pizza, burgers and chips all the way. And Spaghetti Bolognese if I'm feeling crazy.

Ryan @ryanbeard2012 
How much are you looking forward to North East Live?
RYAN – We can't wait. North East fans are some of our favourites and always very up for a good time. There's also some other great acts on the bill so it should be a great day in all.

Will you wear a SAFC shirt when you perform at the Stadium of Light? 
ANDY – Being a Liverpool supporter I'd say the answer is a definite no. Ryan might though. He's always game.