Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Sunderland AFC’s Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy.

A definition of the term ‘Vulnerable Adult’

Someone who is aged 18 or over:

● Who is unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation;

● Who is or may be in need of community care services;

● Who is or may be unable to take care of him or herself.


Sunderland AFC is committed to football being inclusive and providing a safe and positive experience for everyone involved in the club.

Whilst it is hoped that the proactive preventative work, including training, vetting and providing clear policies are sufficient to safeguard all adults at Sunderland AFC, the Club recognises that it has a responsibility to safeguard Vulnerable Adults from abuse and harm and to respond where abuse and harm are perceived to have occurred.

Background and need for the Policy

Sunderland AFC is committed to creating opportunities for adults with disabilities and mental health problems to participate in a broad spectrum of activities at the club, at the same time as creating a safer culture for the participants.

The participation of adults at risk may be as players, coaches, employees, volunteers, officials, administrators or spectators.

The club has a moral, legal and social responsibility to provide a fun and safe environment for all those participating in these activities while protecting them from any form of harm.

The club has a commitment to manage and monitor allegations of discrimination, harassment, abuse and bullying. Sunderland AFC will then follow such investigations in case further safeguards are required to reduce the risk of harm to another Vulnerable Adult within the club.