Academy coach sizes up progress

by SAFSee

Carlton Fairweather speaks to SAFSee.

SAFSee hears from Professional Development Lead Coach Carlton Fairweather after the under-18s returned from their pre-season tour of Scotland with their unbeaten record intact.

Fairweather was full of praise for the youngsters after they beat Rangers U19s and drew with Hibs U19s, with the Sunderland side including several under-16 players.

“[It was a] very worthwhile trip, the lads have done tremendously well against older opponents and we’ve played some really great stuff," he said.

“Myself, Ged [McNamee] and the staff were very, very pleased with how the lads equipped themselves, and played, so at this particular time we think it’s been a good trip.

“Obviously there is a long way to go, again, even though it’s about results sometimes you’ve got to look at the fact that the lads are developing and learning.

“From each experience they keep learning and improving and if we can keep going in that direction, and get the results at the same time, then that’s great.”

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