bon jovi prep

Promoter's praise for city

by Ashley Houghton

Bon Jovi crew looking forward to SoL show.

As the Stadium of Light prepares for its first concert of the summer, Gordon Hyneford, stage manager for Bon Jovi, spoke to about the preparations for a stadium concert for one of the world’s biggest rock bands.

Hyneford, who has been with Bon Jovi for eight years, explained the mammoth task his team face to get everything together for the concert.

“I come in a few days ahead of the actual show to organise and help set up the set with the steel and get all the basics done,” he explained.

“We get the dressing rooms ready, the facility ready, and we make sure that when the show comes around everything fits in smoothly.

“It gets a bit much, it’s a team effort, everybody is all over the place but it’s well organised and always seems to go well.”

Bon Jovi, who have had top singles with ‘Always’, ‘Living on a Prayer’ and ‘It’s My Life’, played the  third gig of their UK tour in Cardiff yesterday night and Hyneford explained how his team will begin work the following morning to complete the set.

“There was a show yesterday in Cardiff so there will be 16 trucks coming in [to Sunderland],” Hyneford added.

“Once that equipment gets torn out they come here about 6 o’clock in the morning and set up, get it all built up, get it down afterwards, and keep on moving.

Hyneford was also quick to praise the staff at Sunderland AFC as well as the local area.

“It’s been real nice here, everyone has been really helpful - it’s a nice Stadium and a nice city too,” he concluded.