tickets for troops

Tickets for Troops

by Kate Smith

Club backs charity scheme.

Sunderland AFC regularly works with the national ‘Tickets for Troops’ initiative.

It is one way for the club to demonstrate its support and appreciation of the dedication and commitment of the men and women from our forces.

As well as Remembrance Day commemorations taking place ahead of this weekend’s Barclays Premier League game with Everton, it  is also official Tickets for Troops weekend.

Ahead of the game, members of the forces issued the following messages of gratitude:

‘In my view, the generosity of the people who donate these tickets is incredible; they are very, very much appreciated and it is so refreshing that society is recognising the work of the Forces. Keep up the great work’
Steve Bell

‘Tickets For Troops has been a god send to me as I suffer with PTSD as well as a physical injury. Trying to relax and feel at ease at large functions and events is not easy. On this occasion I felt as if I hadn’t left my home. Before ticket for troops I would struggle to leave my home, but knowing that there are other service personnel present at your events makes the personal battles with leaving home a bit easier.’
Damien Thompson

‘I have served 26 years in the army and it is fantastic to see the support for the armed forces these days. Having recently returned from Afghanistan, the public support means a lot to the lads. Many thanks, a fantastic day!’
George Carroll
Captain, Royal Engineers

‘I think that tickets for troops is a brilliant set up and i fully appreciate and support the effort that goes into giving people like myself the opportunity to do something that i have never experienced. Brilliant charity keep the good work up’
Katie Parker

‘Tickets for troops is an excellent way of helping us troops to enjoy spending time with friends and loved ones. It really makes me feel so proud of being a Soldier. Thank you and the organisers.’
Frank Saka

‘Had an absolutely fantastic time! Makes me feel like people appreciate the armed forces and this is a great way to show it!’
Keiran Porter

‘I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all at the TFT team that continue to allow troops across the nation the opportunity to have these kind of experiences.’
Trev Davies Cpl, Royal Air Force 

‘The game was superb. I think the service you provide is absolutely super, and it is really great that big sporting events are willing to allow service personnel to go to games for nothing.’
David Waterhouse

‘I am very thankful to Tickets for troops for all the arrangements made for me (us soldiers) and also special thanks to the organisers for providing these valuable tickets to the forces.'
Somik Patel

‘When we got chatting to others around us at the game they were really pleased that troops were getting tickets for the match and said they were proud of the event organisers for allocating them tickets.’
Andy Moore

‘I was fortunate to meet up with several other servicemen and their families who had also got tickets from yourselves and we had a brilliant time which was a great break from our busy work lives where family often have to take a back seat. Keep up the good work as I know it means a lot to all Servicemen and women.’
Milo Hartley

‘I would just like to pass on my sincerest thanks for the help I received and the effort your staff went to, which was far beyond that expected. Extremely nice people, who cared and moreover, provided a truly outstanding service..’
Mike Thay

‘Many thanks for all you do and many thanks to those who donated the tickets. God bless’
Captain Ian Davies