North East Live

Young fan reviews North East Live

by Jessica, Junior Black Cats reporter

Fans flock to the North East for pop show.

The Stadium gates opened onto the courtyard where the North East live summer festival was about to begin.

The voices of hundreds overwhelmed me “I can’t wait to meet Union J, this day is going to be the best day I have had in a long time, my heart will sink when I see The Wanted ahhhhh”.

Feeling eager to get out there and see the stage I could hear the chair calling out my name. Finally we sat in our seats, we had a great view of the stage. The show kicked off! A couple of tunes played on the big screens then silence… the roars lifted the whole stadium with amazement, the show was finally approaching the start.

Sitting down at a perfect angle from the stage I could see all the artists just after the performances  leaving the back of the stage to walk up to the top of the stairs. They left and the crowd exploded, at that last turn where they waved and smiled it made me feel even happier.

The atmosphere surrounded the whole stadium with ecstatic smiles upon everyone’s face, everyone jumping up and down.

First up was our very own James Arthur with “Impossibbbble”. The crowd couldn’t have known the words more perfectly topped off with the perfect look from James Arthur.

Second, The Vamps took to the stage. Not long after they performed they were above in the viewing box. I have never seen so many girls crowd just to get an autograph and a picture – crazy!

Up next, Amelia Lily and by gosh did she look different with her grey short hair. Her voice is outstanding for a young girl.

Next was the one, the only, Union J. They looked so cute. They said “whoever doesn’t know us, we are Union J” and I was like, really?! Who doesn’t know them? I mean what are people thinking if they don’t know Union J?

Entering the stage next was Lawson. The crowds screamed, you could tell they were big fans.  

Three girl power stars Stooshe blew everyone away with their well-known songs Black Heart and Slip. One of the best songs they have done if I do say so myself. “Why did you let it slip” the sounds from the crowd were amazing all cheering and dancing.

The little muffins Little Mix, the four solo artists that become a sensational group were in the building, exploding on stage with their number one single Wings. The dancing was brilliantly choreographed and the performance couldn’t have been any better.

The good looking, blonde haired cutie Connor Maynard took to the stage and sang his heart out with the inspiring song turn around. My heart sank with the youngest voice and girls were going wild.

The screams roared, not far from the end The Wanted stole the show. With power over the audience, getting them involved and excited, no other artists were quite like them, they had the crowd on fire, it was unbelievable. The gathering was even more wild as Tom (one of the band members) was wearing a Sunderland top #probably-one-of-the-best-days-to-wear-a-Sunderland-shirt. Then once Nathan started singing my whole world turned. At the end of the last song he threw his towel into the audience, I was FUMING as I was too far away to catch it!

Once The Wanted had stunned me with their wonderful smile and incredible voice JLS were minutes from the building, arghhhhh!

The mob couldn’t get any wilder after each performance, it was electric, nothing could describe the feeling of every single artist, it was just absurd. The power from each artist was un-miss-able. The sounds, the screams, the jumps, the laughter, the smiles, the claps all because of that one special day. I knew that North East live was a day to remember!