Message from Kumbo

Teacher flies flag in Africa.

Last year St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School in Newcastle, visited the diocese of Kumbo in Cameroon and made links with the local Catholic High School 'St Augustine's College'. 

Their aim was to make teaching and learning links with St Augustine’s College and support the local community of Kumbo.

St Cuthbert’s High School managed to raise £3,500 for a basketball court for St Augustine’s College. Not only did this provide the students and local community with a sporting facility but it provided jobs for the local workers, enabling them to facilitate the learning and welfare of their own families. 

We also delivered teaching resources including books, games and atlases, things that the community find hard to afford and get hold of. 

There were also many other gifts kindly donated by parents, staff and local parishes as well as a teams worth of strips from Sunderland FC. The resources were greatly appreciated and the schools were delighted.

Frances Cassidy