Family Learning and Healthy Minds

by Foundation of Light

Spotlight on programme during Mental Health Awareness week.

The Foundation of Light recently invited press to attend one of their mental health focussed programmes this month as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Families at Barmston Village Primary School were introduced to the concept of mental health using the medium of sport and football through the Family Learning Healthy Minds programme.

The 10 week course covers topics such as anxiety, depression, bi polar disorder and other mental health issues likely to arise in the family unit.

Launched in 2013, the Family Learning Healthy Minds programme is part of the Foundation’s Family Learning portfolio of programmes which worked with almost 2,000 families last year.

Family Learning Healthy Minds is available free to schools across Sunderland, South Tyneside and County Durham and is funded by Sunderland City Council FACL, South Tyneside ACL and Durham City Council FACL respectively.

Michael Colclough, Foundation of Light Assistant Head of Lifelong Learning commented: “The Family Learning Healthy Minds programme aims to introduce families to the concept of mental health and increase their understanding of mental health issues that may arise within the family unit.

"The programme fits well into our focus on making families stronger and more capable of supporting each other when challenges arise; whether that is achieved through education in more tradition subjects such as numeracy and literacy, or increasing knowledge of healthy lifestyles and mental health.”

The Foundation of Light will also be hosting a special Coaches’ Clinic focussed on mental health awareness on May 14th at the Academy of Light and recently launched a Mental Health Awareness programme in Primary Schools across the region.

To find out how to get the Family Learning Healthy Minds programme in your school or to access information about any of the other Foundation of Light programmes please call 0191 5515191 or email


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