samson and delilah

Samson's in the hot seat

Delilah quizzes her feline friend!

This week Delilah has Samson in the hot seat to find out about one of your favourite mascots.

1. Who is your favourite Black Cat?
a. My favourite Black Cat is Delilah! I always have a great time on the pitch with all of the players having a kick about. I’m really looking forward to seeing our new players especially Fletcher and Johnson.

2. What is your favourite thing about being the SAFC mascot?
a. I love meeting all of the Junior Black Cats. I had an amazing time at the Family Fun Day meeting you all and I love to see you all before the match and give out high fives!

3. What is your favourite food?
a. Cats love fish, it’s really good for you too.

4. What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
a. I love to go to the park and practise my football skills.

5. What is your favourite subject at school?
a. I love PE and running around outside but I also love maths.

6. Have you been watching the Paralympics?
a. Yes, I enjoyed the Olympics especially seeing Ji Dong-won play for South Korea. Now I’m loving watching the Paralympic football.

7. Have you always supported Sunderland?
a. Yes, I have been a Black Cat all of my life.

8. Which team are you looking forward to seeing Sunderland play?
a. I love all of the matches, they are all really exciting, but I’m really looking forward to watching Sunderland play the Champions Manchester City. I hope we can beat them again like we did last season. 

9.  Apart from football what sports do you like playing?
a. I love all sports and playing outside. Although when I go swimming my fur can get very wet!

10. What is your favourite thing about Sunderland AFC?
a. We have the best fans and the best stadium, I can’t wait for the game against Liverpool to play on all of the new games in the Family Zone.