Poyet's evolution

by Jonathan Sager

US blogger Jonathan Sager looks ahead to 2014.

Much like Pep Guardiola looked at Barcelona, we need to look at Sunderland the same way, it is time for an evolution. 

I believe that Gus Poyet has come in with that mindset in place.  It’s not a matter of just throwing everything out the window because there are good things going on at Sunderland.  We just have to be able to change and make good things great, bad things better and continue to believe in what we are working for.

We’ve seen some great results since Gus took charge of the Lads.  We’ve taken points from teams that most would not expect us to get a result from.  It is only the start of January but it feels like it’s been an uphill fight since.

So where do we go from here?  The answer isn’t so easy.  But is it?

As we sit on January 1, we are at the bottom looking up.  To be fair, there are only a few points separating us from the drop zone, so all is not lost.  In fact, there is much to gain.  We can draw on many positives from the first half; it’s not time to drop our heads.

The evolution starts with a single step and Gus has begun to push us in the right direction.  We’ve seen moments of magic, there’s still some left in the tank.  We’ve at many times been the architects of our own downfall but we can certainly change that.  

The ball hasn’t bounced our way, but at the same time, not much has.  Wipe this game away and let’s focus on the next, that’s all that we can do, at this point, we have to focus on getting maximum points from each fixture.  It’s not time to scoreboard watch yet. 

Keep firing the ball into the box, keep giving your all on the pitch, keep your head about you, keep giving it everything you have lads.

And as a fan…I’ll be there cheering you along…Ha’way the Lads!