Highs and lows

by Jonathan Sager

Jonathan Sager gives his perspective on the win over West Ham.

On a day when Chelsea blasted Stoke 4-0, I felt bad for a fellow Jonathan (Walters, who scored two own goals and missed a blazed a penalty over the bar), Sunderland thrashed West Ham.

I had to leave for an MRI at the same time that the game was coming on, and in my car I only had the soccer channel from my XM radio to listen to.  So I was stuck with Chelsea –Stoke with my Iphone sending me updates if there should be one.

Right before I got to the hospital, Seb scored the goal.  From the commentary on the radio it sounded like a cracker. 

I checked the scoreline once more before I went into the noisy machine to find that we were still up 1-0. 

As I lay there in silence while a giant magnet circled my injured foot I imagined the game in my head.  I wondered how the Lads were doing at the moment. 

Thirty minutes of loud knocks and strange noises I was able to get up out of the machine and get myself back in order. 

A quick check of my phone, 2-0.  Woo hoo!

Adam Johnson had sent us further ahead.  There we go. 

I walked out to my car, turned it on and an alert went off…James McClean put the nail in the coffin.

After a comeback against Bolton the team was obviously showing the same fight against West Ham.

Thankfully I had set my DVR to record the match.  Once I got home from the MRI I sat down, iced my foot and watched it.

It seemed for the start the Hammers wanted to lay the hammer (yes I know) down on the Black Cats.  From the onset it was obvious the Wearsiders were not going to back down. 

The Lads went at the visitors from the get go, not letting them unnerve them from the mission.

It was great to see everyone working in a performance that was a complete team performance. 

One could argue that it was the first complete team performance of the season.  It was a very welcome sight and it showed a lot of positives going forward.

Seeing Alfred get his first game time was great too.  I think he will blossom on Wearside.

Going into the Bolton game I was bolstered with hope of going through to the next round.

Kader Mangane had come in on loan and is looking like someone that will help the squad.  His toughness and size should be a great addition to the rotation.

But it wasn’t to be.

The manager came out in his post cup comments to talk about our consistency and the lack of performance.

“We need to have consistency; otherwise we’re going to go nowhere.

“Today we needed to put another performance together; that’s the sign of a good team but we were unable to do that.”

The highs and lows are continuing.  I’m holding on with both hands and dragging one foot.