Fan reflects on World Cup

by Jonathan Sager

US blogger looks back on tournament to remember.

I was going to write this right after the tournament but I thought I'd sit and gather my thoughts.  

I know it's a bit dramatic, maybe even a bit against my family tree, to say this but I was pulling for Argentina at the end.  Say what you will about Messi, I felt bad for him when the trophies were handed out.

I don't know much about him but from what I do know he's a driven competitor who takes losses to heart.  You could tell he badly wanted to win this one for the people of Argentina and take his place alongside Maradona as one of the greats in his country's football history but it truly wasn't meant to be.  To be fair, Germany truly were just too good and incredibly the team was too deep.  

Everywhere you looked it was full of stars.  From Neuer who won the Golden Glove to Klose who became the all time leading World Cup goalscorer.  This team was a dynamic buzz saw.  

But it was an amazing tournament.  I got to see some incredible talent on display that I don't normally get to see and honestly I was most impressed by the men who played my old position, goalkeeper.  Navas, Howard, Ochoa, Romero, Enyema, Courtois, Ospina, Lloris.  It was incredible to see so many great goalies in one tournament.  

And then you have your strikers. Muller, James, Neymar, Messi, Van Persie, Benzema, Valencia.  Every four years a new star bursts on the scene and some fizzle out. 

Questions get asked, some get answered, some still linger.  I was fortunate enough to tweet with some of you loyal Mackems during the Cup and I am glad I got to know a few of you.  

I was a part of the #JozyOn44 event that occurred during the USA-Ghana match and I must thank you all for your support of our very own Jozy Altidore.  My heart broke for the lad and we wanted to let him know that we supported him and were thinking of him.  

It's been a very eventful tournament for me in many ways and I'm sad to see it go but I've made new friends and I'm looking forward to seeing Gus and the Lads back out on the pitch in the new kit for pre-season.  Ha'way the Lads!